It all started with a skull

A little over a year ago, Almost Fancy Skull #1 was doodled on a train, minted and then sold on OpenSea (still held by the original buyer too!). What started as an experiment designed to flex my creative muscles and learn about NFTs grew quickly into a small community of supporters.

The original Almost Fancy skull

Earlier this year it became time for Almost Fancy to evolve from a simple NFT project into something more—a brand, a lifestyle, a community. As part of that evolution, we needed a logo. But a good logo is hard, especially when its for a clothing company—the logo has to be something people would want to wear and show off.

When we were unable to come up with a logo we truly liked, we settled on the X as a placeholder. Simple, with a matching emoji ❌, and easy to simply run with to get things rolling.

But as we got closer and closer to being ready to launch, the need for a proper logo that we'd be represented by for years to come got bigger and bigger. A lot of ideas were thrown around, plenty of late nights sketching thought after thought after thought, never quite finding something that felt right.

And then, suddenly, there it was, right in front of us the entire time. The Almost Fancy Skull, the starting point for everything we'd built so far.

The new Almost Fancy logo set

Why a skull, and why this skull and style in particular?

I've always been a fan of brands that have personality and story behind them, and what better story than one with a consistent thread through it from day 0? Skulls, skeletons and bones have been a consistent element of my art long before Almost Fancy or NFTs, and I've always loved the idea of skulls being drawn in a way that isn't inherently dark.

Ultimately, I feel a lot of myself in the skull. From the hand drawn lines to the three eyes (three has always been my favorite and lucky number) to the homage to the original skulls that started all of this. This isn't just any old generic skull—it's our skull. It's the Almost Fancy Skull. The X is still present, in both the eyes and the text, the line work is simple, but recognizable and unique.

What's next?

To the thousands of people already supporting what we're building (especially those Founders Club members holding the OG skulls), thank you for making AF possible. Very soon we'll be announcing our mint details, and this incredible journey will step into the next phase.

We're almost ready to launch. Are you almost fancy?