The Almost Fancy Skull gets friends

Last week we revealed our new logo, the Almost Fancy Skull. Today we're sharing a change in the direction for the art you'll see in our future NFTs.

Gone are the faceless characters you've seen over the past few months. Instead, when you mint your Almost Fancy NFT, you'll be getting your very own variant of our core AF Skull.

Here's a peek at this new art, expect many more sneak peeks in the coming days!

Right now, some of you are likely thinking 'but I liked the old art, why change it?'

The original art was created independently of the broader brand and vision of Almost Fancy. It was art seeking a purpose, rather than purpose-built art. While the faceless art was great on its own, it didn't feel like it was aligned with the vibe and feel we were building.

Now, when you mint an Almost Fancy NFT (soon!), you won't just be minting a random generative piece of art — you'll be minting your very own piece of the Almost Fancy brand, your own unique take on the base skull.

Holding one of our NFTs becomes the web3 version of wearing our logo on your shirt. It lets you show off in a unique, but obvious way, that you're part of team Almost Fancy. 

Last, but not least, this new art feels more personal to me. The hand drawn lines, the paint strokes, I can see my personality in this art much more than the previous art. And ultimately thats what Almost Fancy is personification of ideas, concepts and dreams that live in my head, a way for those dreams to become tangible.

Mint details are coming soon and I can't wait for you all to own your very own Almost Fancy Skull. I hope you're almost as excited as I am!