Almost Fancy was created in spirt more than a decade ago - born through doodles scribbled alongside school notes and exams. Influenced by a blend of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese streetwear, our goal is to design and produce things that people can be proud to buy and wear. 

Almost Fancy is built on 5 core principles:

Brand, not project

Almost Fancy is not an NFT project. It is a fashion and lifestyle brand, enabled by NFTs and embracing web3 from day 0.

Our ultimate goal is to build something bigger than just a  brand - an identity that can be embraced by those whole love NFTs and those who don't equally.


Vision, not roadmap

Instead of a roadmap, promising to deliver some half-baked 'value', Almost Fancy is a 10-year vision. Our vision is to provide real, tangible value, while building should-to-shoulder with a strong community that wants to be a part of the journey.

Almost Fancy will not be releasing a token, won't be delivering half-assed print-on-demand merch, giving away ETH, or doing anything else that NFT projects claim provides value.


Fashion, not merch

In keeping with Almost Fancy's ethos, our apparel will be real clothes, not merch. We're designing real clothes, from the ground up, produced specifically for Almost Fancy.

No print on demand, no blanks, no cheap shit. We're already producing our first  items, including clothes, shoes, and bags.


Community, not hype

Community is at the core of everything we do. Built by an experienced team with a track-record of building and growing community-first projects for years, Almost Fancy exists to build with our fans, our community, and our customers.


Regens, not degens

Almost Fancy is regenerative, not degenerative.

We believe that we need to build a better real world before we can worry about disappearing into the metaverse. We'll be offsetting all carbon, and be fully climate positive, across all AF initiatives. This will be achieved by being conscious consumers, and, in part, by:

- Planting trees and offsetting all blockchain carbon created by Almost Fancy.

- Ongoing carbon offsets for all Almost Fancy initiatives.

- Commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. 


We're Almost Fancy, are you?